1. Our Vision.

    A world where vulnerable people are digital empowered to live a dignified life

  2. Our Mission.

    Breaking the vicious circle of poverty through the use of financial technology focusing on a cashless economy.

  3. Main Objectives.

    Developing into a self-sustaining digital financial company with potential to offer its services as a digital financing experts

    Establishing of a digital micro-enterprise that will enhance social economic development.

  4. Core Values.

    Professional Integrity. Appreciation of deferring opinions. Assurance of equal opportunities for all to lead a fulfilled life. Team work and collaboration. Innovation.

Who we are

Digital Self Help Finance (DSH Finance) is a legally registered entity, having its headquarters in Kampala – Uganda.

DSH Finance is geared to be the leading Self Help Innovative and Pro-active system that contributes towards personal financial growth and economic empowerment with an affordable start-up capital.

We are strongly committed to improving the quality of everyone’s life at an international level.

DSH Finance being a digital based financial technology entity has rolled out its services in many countries outside Uganda, and its members come from a rich background of digital financing and e-commerce that enhances a cashless economy.

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